You got the invitation. You got the dress. What is next? A statement necklace? Or a delicate ring? Or a bling-bling bracelets?

In theory, invitation to weddings should be fun, but, when the wedding is labeled a certain kind of wedding, that's when you need a little more planning. Is the wedding attire cocktail? Semiformal? Casual? Beach? White tie? Black Tie?

White Tie weddings are the most formal of dress code. Since they are more conservative affairs, be subliminal with a floor-length gown and round out the look with a simple clutch and fine jewelry


white tie


Cocktail weddings are pretty similar to dress-up events you had in high school. Be ready for some dancing in a knee length cocktail dress with a quirky clutch and elegant dangle earrings



Beach weddings equals a long dressy sundress with colorful accessories. And don't forget a cool pair of sunglasses.



Black Tie weddings are formal but fun! Think of a nighttime affair with really dressed-up guests drinking and partying it up! Complete the outfit with quirky accessories to let the hosts know you're there to have a good time!.

Black Tie


For Garden weddings, think what Charlotte from Sex in the City would wear to a bridal shower. Include a hat or hair accessory if you feel bold!