Dressing up is always fun, but there are times when putting together our outfits get a little challenging. There are so many elements to consider that need to work together, even more so when you're wearing a headscarf. Here are some of our favourite tricks for making our scarves work with our outfits. 


1. Match textures and prints

When we think of matching, we almost always think of color. But there are times when this can result in a look that's too matchy. Try switching it up by matching textures or prints instead.




The weave motif on this clutch ties in nicely with the abstract crosshatch print on the sunny scarf, while the monochrome color scheme helps it stay together. Throw on a blingy headband or statement necklace for added glamor and you're totally ready to rise to the occasion



2. Tie it in


Don't have a matching bag? No worries..rock a contrasting bag instead.  And here's where the magic of accessories come in.




While the scarf and bag contrast each other, one well-chosen piece of jewelry is the perfect "glue" to bring it all together. The necklace here mainly consists of the same peachy tones as the scarf, but the turquoise accents tie in the turquoise bag nicely.




3. Balance it out


Sometimes a scarf just speaks for itself. If your scarf has a bold print, for example, you might want to avoid over-accessorising around the face or neck.





This leaves you room to play with arm candy like statement rings or punchy bracelets and cuffs. Add in a neutral bag to polish off the look. 



But don't forget the most important rule of all, and that is to have fun. After all, it's about you and your unique style. What are some of the ways you like to style your scarves? Don't hesitate to drop a comment and share your killer style wisdom with us.