How to accessorize prints and patterns

Prints made a colorful showing on the runways this year, so many of us are bound to add a few printed pieces to our wardrobe soon. Before you don such dapper pieces, here are a few things to keep in mind when picking jewelry and accessories for your printed outfits.

1. The neutral failsafe

You can never go wrong with neutral jewelry like metallics, pearls, or nude-toned pieces. Everyone is bound to have at least a piece or two in their collection already. Grab your favourite piece to pair with a print of your choice and you're good to go.




2. Pull a color from the print

If you want more colorful accessories, pick one color from the print that stands out to you and choose one or two accessories in the same tone. This keeps the looks coherent and not too busy.




3. Where is the print

Consider where you're wearing your prints and what kind of prints they are. If it's an all-over print, or if it's a busy print  near your face, stick to statement earrings or bangles. If the prints are below your torso, or if it's a simple print, then feel free to break out the necklaces.







4. Bold on subtle

If you do choose to wear necklaces over prints, make sure it's a subdued pattern like fine stripes or subtle florals. Choose a necklace that is bold and simple in shape, without too many details, perhaps in a contrasting color. This helps the statement piece pop instead of getting lost in the print.