Killer looks for killer bags


Who doesn't love a great bag? This week we're having a go at the "one bag two ways" thing. Because any time is a good time to celebrate handbags. 

Bag the first

A woman's best friend, the good ole' black tote. Whether you're understated in style or go for the spotlight with statement jewelry, this bag has you covered.




Bag the second

We love this faux-snakeskin bag. As a sling bag, it's fun and edgy; the perfect excuse to break out your more quirky accessories (parrot earrings, anyone?)  As a clutch, it's oh-so-chic and sits right at home with more blingy pieces.  




Bag the third

A classic quilted bag in rich maroon. Casual, formal, classic, trendy....what can we say, this bag simply goes with every look. What's not to love?




So what's your favourite bag? Until next time everyone, have a great weekend!  :)