Kicking ass with killer style

It takes guts to pick an outfit and not care about what the opposite sex thinks. To truly express our style the way we want. So ladies, let’s challenge ourselves; let’s stop dressing for men and start dressing for ourselves. Let’s start dressing like a Man Repeller! 


Red's Revenge Man RepellerLeandra Medine / Inspiration from Source

Champion of the Repellers, Leandra Medine of, says a man repeller is “she who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.”

Hold your horses before you start thinking that this whole thing is only about chasing off men forever and turning into a celibate hag. It’s about embracing your own style and letting your outfits really reflect true personality and creativity. It’s about being comfortable in our own skin and accepting that we don’t need validation from the opposite sex. Style isn’t about what men like, it’s about what we like.


Red's Revenge Man Repeller
Inspiration from Source

And it just so happens that what women like usually turns men off (although we’ll call it a bonus if you can also scare them a little bit). So what if you want to wear print on print? Or match a yellow necklace with a cerulean dress? Who cares if your jewelry looks like it could kill a person? Does it matter if you’re color blocking with loud neon colors? Or stacking on miles of jewelry? No, it doesn’t matter. And if anyone cares, too bad for them. You do you! Even if it repels men.


Red's Revenge Man Repeller
Inspiration from Red's Revenge Online Store

And of course, we can’t NOT talk about repelling bling, because the right accessories can turn any outfit into a man repeller. Statement jewelry is one option that can do no wrong. Think big, chunky accessories. And while we’re at it, lots of layered jewelry too. Man repeller accessories can take your style game to a whole ’nother level.

Statement jewelry reminiscent of weapons or armor is a great choice, for obvious reasons. Spikes, arrows, big metal plates – go nuts with it. Colorful accessories make statement that stands out, too. Use solid-colored pieces for color blocking or multi-colored jewelry to add contrast and detail. Other elements to play with include skulls, large floral elements, or any interesting details that catch your eye.


Red's Revenge Man Repeller
Inspiration from Source // Red's Revenge Online Store

Any style can be given a man repeller twist. And whatever your personal killer style is, we hope you have a blast finding ways to add a repeller twist to it, and have an even bigger blast wearing it with pride. Confidence is after all the best accessory in a woman’s arsenal.