Making a killer statement with layered accessories

Coco Chanel said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. We say…naaah. Well, not always, at least. Accessorising is like chocolate cake; some days you just gotta have a little more. Or a lot more. So when the mood strikes to pile on the bling, run with it.

So why layer accessories? Because it's fun, and it looks awesome. You get to craft your very own statement look by layering on different accessories of your choice, and you get create a different look and style each time without having to buy many different statement pieces. So not only is it a great outlet for your creativity, it’s a budget-friendly tool for making your style speak volumes.

If you're not entirely sold just yet, here's a quick list of some different ways you can work with the look.

1. Go big or go home

Have no fear and commit to the look. We're not talking two or three delicate necklaces here...pile on as many accessories as you want. It’s all about making a punchy statement, so make it! Let your creativity loose and have fun with it; experiment with different combinations and see what works for you.

Red's Revenge Layering Accessories

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2. Play with lengths and sizes

Using pieces with different sizes and textures is a great way to put together a dynamic and interesting statement. Try pairing chokers and short necklaces with long lariat and opera necklaces, a broad headband accented with a few thinner ones, chunky statement rings with delicate midi rings, the choices are endless.

Red's Revenge Layering Accessories

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3. A lighter touch

Okay we all have real lives and like it or not, there are some situations where you can't quite get away with the whole bling party look. So instead of wearing miles of jewelry, try layering a few pendant necklaces. The thin delicate chains keep the look somewhat understated, but still definitely chic and stylish. Stacked rings are also a fun option to play with.

Red's Revenge Layering Accessories

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4. More is more

The golden rule of layering! Pair stacked bangles with layered necklaces. Layered headbands with lots of arm candy. There are no rules anymore, just you and your killer style. Rock however any layers makes you feel the most fabulous.

Red's Revenge Layering Accessories

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So there you have it ladies. Do you layer? If not, give it a go already! Don’t forget to comment and share with us some if your fave layering styles.