What little girl didn’t, at some point, dream of being a princess? Or play dress up with a little plastic tiara and mom’s lipstick? Everyone had their favorite fairy tale princess or queen – Snow White, Aurora, and all the others we grew up reading and watching. We tell ourselves that we grow out of these daydreams, but come on…deep down inside, we all still want to be treated like queens and princesses and, what’s more, we want to dress like them too.


Red's Revenge Accessories Queen Style


 There are lots of ways to inject some regal fairy tale flair into our usual styles. And needless to say, it’s all about the bling. Dark, bold accessories with a hint of mystery is exactly what you need to channel a fairy tale vibe fit for the fairest of them all.

And what says “Queen” better than statement jewelry? Big chandelier earrings, armbands and cuffs, bold necklaces – leave subtlety at the door to your throne room and let your accessories speak for you.


Red's Revenge Accessories Queen Style


Jewel encrusted accessories are a must-have for any queen, fairy tale or otherwise. Think gems, crystals, and stones…and lots of them. For a mysterious touch, go for raw crystals or dark gems in blood red, blacks, purples, and grays.

Animal inspired pieces are a fairy tale favorite too, especially for a magical queen. Accessories that incorporate animal-inspired elements are perfect for striking fear into the hearts of your underlings. Think skulls, snake cuffs and chokers, or wing or feather details, and so on.


Red's Revenge Accessories Queen Style


Textures are another element to play with. A conscientious queen's costumes always have some element or armory to them, because nothing says badass like a lady in armor. Look for metallic pieces that bring to mind scales or plates of armor, preferably in dark gunmetal shades. Or shiny shiny gold, if that's your thing.

Whether you love Ice Queen or Dark Queen, don't forget to head on down to our stores or shop online to create your very own fairytale style.