The humble statement necklace and the many ways it's awesome 

There’s a shopping rule of thumb that says you shouldn’t buy something if you can’t think of at least three ways to style it. And we couldn’t agree more, because everyone on earth has made mistakes when it comes to buying accessories. We’ve all got a couple of pieces sitting in our jewelry box, doing exactly that: sitting. Because they looked great when we bought them but now they’re a terrible faux pas and oh my goodness what was I even thinking when I bought that?!

Investment pieces are accessories that can stand the test of time, are versatile enough to match most outfits and seasons, and most of all, complement your killer style. These are the accessories that will still be with you years later, still looking fab as ever. So how do you choose investment pieces? Apart from the rule-of-three we mentioned, what you should consider how you’ll be wearing your statement pieces, and what with.

The right statement necklaces are a great investment piece because they can be so versatile and are a perfect finishing touch to almost any look. Here are some ways we love wearing statement necklaces.

1. The statement statement

For the days when you’re in a rush or not really up to putting together a coordinated outfit, let your statement necklace do the heavy lifting for you. A simple jeans-and-tee or basic dress can totally be transformed with the simple addition of a statement accessory; it makes the outfit seem more chic and put-together, ramping up your style without all the effort.

Red's Revenge Style Inspiration Statement Necklace

Inspiration from Source // Red's Revenge Online Store 

2. The day-to-night

Statement necklaces are a great way to bring an outfit from day to night. A bit of sparkle does absolute wonders, to no one’s surprise. A bold and dazzling necklace will instantly ramp up the glamor factor on your outfit; and you’ll be totally ready to take on the town.

Red's Revenge Day-t0-night Necklace

Inspiration from Source // Red's Revenge Online Store 

3. The workaholic

Office-friendly accessorizing can sometimes be a challenge for those working in more formal workspaces. Have no fear, because the statement necklace still has your back. A necklace with matte gemstones will work for you, and can be just as fab when worn loud and proud as it is when it’s just peeking through from under a blazer.

Red's Revenge Work Statement Necklace

Inspiration from Red's Revenge Online Store

4. The long way round

Lariat necklaces, rope necklaces, opera necklaces – there are many different names and iterations, but a long rope of chain and/or pearls is the mother of all investment statement necklaces. Wear it as one long rope, or twist it around and wear it in graded layers, or wear it with a chic knot, layered or on its own; there are countless ways to rock this item with countless different looks.

Red's Revenge Statement Long Necklace

Inspiration from Source // Red's Revenge Online Store 

Statement necklaces have a powerful effect on the end result of your outfits. A few well-chosen staple pieces will give you great value for money. Just remember to think outside the box and be creative with your statement necklaces, and they will love you back forever.