Accessories and jewelry play an important yet often overlooked part in putting together an outfit. The right accessories add the finishing touch to your look and are a great way to show off your personality too. With New Year's upon us, you're bound to want to put your best foot forward for all the holiday parties and events. Here are some sugggestions on how to pick acessories to complete your killer look this holiday season and dazzle the crowd with your impeccable style.


Turn it up

Statement accessories are a great way to bring drama to your look. A statement piece is usually a piece of jewelry that stands out and catches the eye, either because of it's striking color or it's bold size and shape. A simple outfit can easily be transformed with the right touch of oomph.


Tone it down

Statement accessories are all well and good but sometimes a subtle touch goes a long way. If your outfit is already striking or rich in detail, one or two simple but well chosen accessories should do the trick.



Color me Fabulous

Color is a vital element in accessorising. Whether you choose to complement or contrast your clothes, the right dose of color can do wonders. When accessorising to match, pick out the color from your outfit or dress that stands out to you, and then pick an accessory of a similar colour. Alternatively, you can opt to choose accessories that contrast the colors of your outfit. 



Polishing off your killer style

Thinking outside the box can often lead to unexpectedly good results. If you're stuck for ideas, try layering a few simple necklaces or mixing a few bangles. If you're feeling adventurous, even mismatched earrings can look great.

For the days when you will inevitably have to dash to a party straight from work, you might not have to worry about changing your whole ensemble. If you start off with a day-to-night dress, all you need to do to take your outfit the extra mile before heading out for the night is to change accessories. Swap out your office-friendly studs for a pair of statement earrings, or go for a statement necklace, and voila!



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So, fashionistas, have fun putting together your killer looks and don't forget to have a blast this New Year's. Happy holidays!