Ways to rock the choker

It’s pretty clear to anyone with a pulse that the 90s are making a roaring comeback, and fashion isn’t exempt from the tidal wave of nostalgia. One 90s icon we’re glad to see again is the choker necklace. From runways to celebrities and beyond, the choker is back and better than ever.

The simple black band is arguably the quintessential choker – it’s a timeless classic that fits in anywhere. But for a more chic and up-to-date twist, here are five killer 2000’s approved ways to rock this trend.

1. The broad way

Red's Revenge The Choker is BackInspiration from Source // Source

The thick choker is an uber stylish take on this trend. Broad swathes of fabric somehow look both tough and feminine at the same time, and it’s a great way to bring in a pop of color. Variations include a scarf tied around the neck, or even metallics.


2. Metallic huh?

Red's Revenge The Choker is BackInspiration from Source // Source

Metallic chokers are chic, sophisticated, and totally awesome. From a delicate strip of gold to a goddess-style statement piece, plain or embellished, there are countless ways to work this look for both the office and the party circuit.

3. Put some bling on it

Red's Revenge The Choker is BackInspiration from Source

Do we really need to explain ourselves here? Dazzling jewels will always have a sparkly place in our hearts, so of course we’ll incorporate it with this trend. Grab a bedazzled choker, or add a jewel pendant or brooch to a plain choker. You could even mix up crystal and diamante pieces with some leather or suede for some unforgettable edginess. 


4. That's just knotty

Red's Revenge The Choker is BackInspiration from Source // Source

Chokers made with strings or cords are fun and versatile. This style is dead easy to DIY too which makes it perfect for your weekend outfits. Tie up your string into a little bow to make a whimsical statement or let it hang loose lariat-style; play with strings of different lengths and thicknesses, add knots or bows or that random bead that’s been sitting in the back of your drawer for months, and have fun with it.

5. See ya layer

Red's Revenge The Choker is BackInspiration from Source // Source

Gotta love those layers. Wear two or three chokers together or pack a punch by piling on necklaces and chokers of different lengths. Keep it sleek with one or two focal statement pieces with the rest of the necklaces as complementary accents.


Edgy, elegant, and oh so chic – chokers are, arguably, the ultimate statement piece, making this comeback long overdue. We’re so excited we’re getting a little choked up over here. And if you’re excited too don’t forget to shop chokers at our online store.