You both have the same taste in fashion and
music. You both share secrets and do almost
everything together. You're BFFs. To celebrate
Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a list of stylish duos
who complement each other in life and photos.

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5 Ways to Wear Red

1/18/2017 1:43 PM


There’s just something about wearing the
colour red that makes you feel more confident,
more in control and feel like you can take over
the world. Here are 5 ways to make your outfit
pop with just the right hint of red.

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Gifting season is upon us, and if you’re still
racking your brain about what to buy for that
friend who has everything, here are 5 gift
ideas for that hard-to-shop-for friend, or
family member.

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Halloween is an opportunity to have a little bit
of fun wherever you are! Get into the spirit of
season with simple Halloween accessories 
without going over the top.

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Celebrity Looks You Need To Steal

10/11/2016 12:52 PM

Kristen Stewart

You've flipped through the pages of Vogue
or clicked through wishing you
could look effortlessly elegant like Margot
Robbie, Zooey Deschanel and Cara Delevinge.
Read to find out how you can steal their looks!

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Wedding Attire

You got the invitation. You got the dress. What
is next? A statement necklace? Or a delicate
Or a bling-bling bracelet? In theory,
invitation to 
weddings should be fun, but, when
the wedding is 
labeled, what do you do?

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Red's Revenge Accessorizing Bridesmaids

It can be hard to complete the look for your
bridesmaids especially when you have to take
into account different personalities, sizes and
styles of your bridal party. It
's the
accessories that will complete the look.

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Red's Revenge Bridal Accessorising

When trying accessories, try to be open minded.
Most brides are surprised to find what really
suits them as opposed to what they originally
had in mind. The goal is to look like the best
most beautiful version of your regular self.

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Red's Revenge The Choker Is Back & Better Than Ever

 The 90s are making a roaring comeback! One 
90s icon we’re glad to see again is the choker
necklace. From runways to celebrities and
beyond, the choker is back and better than 

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Man Repeller Accessorising

7/22/2016 2:42 PM

Red's Revenge Man Repeller

It takes guts to pick an outfit and not care about
what the opposite sex thinks. D
ressing like a
Man Repeller is 
about embracing your own
style and letting 
your outfits really reflect true
personality and creativity.

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