Little treasures to gift your bridesmaids


Behind every beautiful bride, is an army of exhausted bridesmaids. They loyally stand by her for every single step of wedding prep, armed and ready against every potential disaster. Which is why every bridal party deserves a special gift from the bride. But you don't have to break the bank to show your lovely ladies your gratitude. Here are four bridesmaid gift suggestions that are as special as they are budget-friendly.

1.  A spot of sparkle

What woman doesn't love a bit of bling? A pretty piece of jewelry with a little bit of sparkle will definitely make your bridal party happy.




This trendy winged necklace would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

2. Personalize it

You don't have to splurge on customized monogrammed gifts. Sometimes personalizing a gift can be as simple as giving each maid a gift in her favourite color.




Matching earring sets in different colors are a great way to keep your bridal party gifts cohesive, while making sure each girl gets something that's meaningful to her.


3. Shake it up

A pearl bracelet is a popular, time-honored choice for a bridesmaid's gift. Why not change things up a bit with a chic hand chain instead?




You could go for an elegant pearl hand chain or opt for a more colorful option like this turquoise-studded hand chain.

4. Share the love

Bridesmaids are usually the ladies who are the closest to the bride. The sisters, the besties, the people you can't imagine life without. Doubtless, you share many memories together; so try pick a gift that has sentimental value to all of you, or, if you want to be more on-the-nose about it...



D'aaaawww. So shweet. 


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