4 stylish ways to wear statement jewelry


"Big girls need big diamonds" -  the wise words of Elizabeth Taylor.

Big and bold statement jewelry is a staple of modern fashion. When done right, statement jewelry can complete a look and give it a healthy dose of chic too. Here's our list of how-to's to keep in mind when accessorizing with statement jewelry.

 1.  Less is more

This may seem like an odd thing to say about statement jewelry, but hear me out. Statement jewelry should complement you and your outfit, not drown you out. Keep the statement bling at one or two pieces at most, and pair it with other minimal pieces. Wear statement jewelry with simpler clothes - avoid very loud prints, for example - to let your statement piece really stand out. If your statement accessory is really intricate, you could even wear it on its own.




2. Don't crowd your face

If you're wearing two statement pieces, keep one around your face and one around your hands. For example, a statement cuff with a statement earring, a statement necklace with a statement ring, etc. This keeps the focus on you rather than what you're wearing.



3. Keep it simple

Once you've chosen your statement piece(s), you can then add one or two simpler pieces to polish off the look; think studs, simple chic rings, etc. If you wear a necklace with a statement earring, choose a smaller necklace that won't compete with the earring, and vice versa.




4. Choose wisely

Choose the best type of statement jewelry to work with your look. A sleeveless or short sleeved piece would work well with a cuff, but long sleeves less so. If the front of your dress or shirt is busy, opt for earrings rather than a necklace. If you choose a statement necklace, make sure the necklace suits your neckline (check out how to match to your necklines here). 


And the last rule is: no rule is set in stone! Experiment and play with your jewelry to see what works for you and your style. Most importantly, have fun!