Final tips for picking your bridal jewelry

We've covered some pros and cons of understated jewelry and statement jewelry for your wedding. Whichever option you go with, there are still a few more things to keep in mind before making the final selection for your bridal accessories.

1. Your dress

A no-brainer. Of course your jewelry needs to match the general style of your wedding dress. Other things about your dress to consider include the neckline shape, details like lace and beading as well as their positioning (a detailed neckline could clash with a necklace), how you plan to wear your hair (avoid statement earrings if you're wearing your hair down), and so on.


 Floral button earrings are just the thing for a 50s-inspired dress (Picture credit: Kres Bridal Image Connoiseur)



A strapless dress would be perfectly accompanied by a statement necklace(Picture credit: Precious)


2. Your wedding style

The theme and style of your wedding also needs to be taken into account. Not only should your dress suit your venue, your jewelry should reflect some of it too. Is it a cosy party or a bigger event? Modern or vintage? Outdoors or indoors? For example, a flower  crown might look out of place in an indoor wedding but would be perfect for a garden wedding.



Starfish earrings and ring taking their cue from the nature-inspired setting (Picture credit: Pathway Events)




A grand ballroom affair is a great chance to break out bold and sparkly intricate pieces (Picture credit: The Occasions Eventeur)



3. What makes you happy?

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for the bride, with pressure coming from all directions - time, budget, the in laws, and god knows what else. Sometimes decisions are made that are less about what you want and more about other considerations. While that is not always avoidable, it's important to always remember that your wedding day is about celebrating you and your partner. So wear what you want to, what you feel comfortable in, what you will be happy to say "I do" in.



Add a pop of color to your bridal ensemble to reflect your colorful spirit (Picture credits: Covershots)





An elegant dress and regal tiara for the princess you always dreamt of being (Pitcture credit: Eleusis)



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